Project: "Plaza Singapura (History Wall)"
Designer(s): Glen Ow - Creative Director Bruce Mak - Senior Programmer Christabel Thio - Copywriter, Singapore
Category: Multimedia, Professional
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Entry Description: This interactive 'History Wall' was created and produced to consolidate and depict the milestones of one of Singapore’s most vibrant and unique retail mall, Plaza Singapura. Designed to transcend multi-generational users from the mall’s illustrious past to the future with a twist of fun, blanct created the experiential interface, which was showcased within a private showsuite. Displaying a juxtaposed showcase of the mall and its lifestyle component, a mix of real photography and computer graphics, alongside mono- toned images were pre-programmed to display a deliberately haphazard sequence. Designed to allow as much image space as possible, the minimalistic layout contains overlays and intuitive buttons that keep users entertained at all times. Programmed and designed with a “Rub to Reveal” touch-screen function, users of all ages are able to engage with the interface’s overall ‘show and tell’ concept.

About the Designer/Company
A Branding and Interactive Agency that elucidates its ideas through a spectrum of technology-inspired media and interactive digital platforms. Helming all concepts from infancy to the final output, blanct's unique branding philosophy lets the team tailor creative ideas so as to meet each client's objectives fruitfully. With a process as bespoke as it is original, the agency's solutions are communicated across with true finesse, backed by sound marketing and branding strategies. Coupled with a forte in visualizing architecture potential and marketing international real estate industries, the agency is extremely dedicated to constant research and development, which serves to assist for an ever progressive angle to all projects undertaken.