Project: "Heart is Organic (Series)"
Company:hufax arts
Designer(s): Fa-Hsiang Hu, Yun Liu, Taiwan
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: What does organic really mean? Is it a kind of food? An objective? Or a slogan for a healthier life? What is your personal experience of an “organic life”? More and more people in the world recognize the importance of being organic. However, most of them only get to know the word but the true meaning of it. Green at Heart is an organic shop, offering not only organic food but also attitude towards a better, eco-friendly lifestyle and wishing to deliver the message by print ad. The core idea of our creativity is that to deliver the message of organic lifestyle, we need to bring out the discussion of its original meaning to the world. In contrary to geometry which structures the world, it is organism that enriches it and makes it alive. Similar to the concept of Taiji, the two elements belong to the same sphere of discourse. Therefore, in terms of visual design, we express the interesting discourse of “organic” and “geometric” by geometric patterns and graphics inspired by Chinese calligraphy, in order to expand consumer’s imagination to connect their daily life (mostly constructed by philosophy of geometry) to an organic lifestyle. We believe that, to disclose the secret of living a better life to consumers, we need to touch their heart by simple, direct communication and experience.

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