Project: "Video Game Addict"
Company:National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Designer(s): Wen-Chun Hsiang, Taiwan
Category: Print, Student
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Entry Description: Many of the existing reports indicates that it is a negative influence both mentally and physically if children are indulged in playing video games. It is, actually similar to what we called as “video game violence”. The series of documentaries analyzed the negative after effects remaining on children that caused by a variation of joysticks, using poster and folding as medium to draw the attention of guardians to face up the consequences that come along with video games.

About the Designer/Company
Hsiang Wen Chun (Willa Hsiang) | Born in 1988. An award-winning multimedia artist based in Taiwan. Now she is a master student of the department of industrial and commercial design of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Start her studio in 2008, specializing in multimedia art, graphic design, and photography. The golden award and sliver award winner of Prix de la Photographie Paris, the famous photography competition in Europe, and received many international awards and recognitions, including Platinum award from Creativity International Awards, Silver award from International Design Awards (IDA), and project of the year award from National Science Council.