Project: "Autodesk"
Designer(s): Julia Campbell, Kelly Dubisar, Kim Dale, Ed Schnaars, Eric Scavetta, Kali Lewis, Argelia Barcena, Cathy Terashia, and Brad White, United States
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: The project design concept juxtaposes a pre-AutoCAD building (when architects designed with pencils and slide rulers) with architectural forms visualized using current Autodesk software, creating a space that is a “celebration of the past contrasted with the possibilities of the future.” Wall and floor graphics interpreted from the streets of San Francisco and Autodesk’s own Mold Flow computer modeling define and energize the corridor and main circulation path along the core. A rhythm of built “pavilions” align with the exposed structural bays and help to divide the open office area from the main corridor path. Each one holds a combination of meeting space and smaller focus rooms. The workspace is subdivided further with recycled industrial pipe white boards that anchor open team areas to help facilitate ad-hoc brainstorming and collaboration. Proximity to a variety of breakout spaces that offer both open/closed and casual/ formal places to meet lends itself to the impromptu spirit of the way Autodesk employees work. Environmentally sourced materials were integral to the design to help tie the new and existing spaces together. Undulating ceiling forms created with salvaged wood from local shipping pallets, stained concrete floors, 100% recyclable polypropylene dining chairs, along with other locally sourced furniture, respond to the client’s desire for environmentally responsible material selections. The end result is a workplace that not only emphasizes the company’s dedication to the environment – all three floors are certified LEED Platinum – but is an inspiring place for collaborative innovation.

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