Project: "Contemporary Art Residential"
Company:ClearSpace Architecture and Interior Design
Designer(s): Cleaspace Architecture and Interior Design , Rightlane Design Studio, Taiwan
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: The color white captures within itself all of the gorgeous colors in the world. Able to expand a sense of space, the color makes the space seem one-third larger. This allows one to feel as if they were autonomously enjoying an enlarged space. The goal is to be white but penetrable, echoing a museum. The nature of space, life itself and the art therein together create a sense of performance. Art emerges as the protagonist in life. Art is Life; Life is Art. Created as LOFT style white, clean, using a smooth pattern with plenty of sunlight. It reproduces the relationship between people and the environment found in a museum. It is calm and free. The transparent design is good for either a gallery or for a party space. The furniture display emphasizes mobility, allowing for adjustment based on different needs. The goal is to allow for the maximum effectiveness of space usage. In order to most effectively leverage the space, we use indirect light resources and LED projected lights for the lighting design. This lighting can then be adjusted to meet different needs. This allows for more diversity in potential space usages. A curvy wave designed balcony, coupled with a specially customized systematic home garden with organically grown plants, creates the feeling of a small oasis within the hectic city.

About the Designer/Company
Founded in 2005. Award-winning interior and design company which expertise in the interior design of high quality residential and commercial projects, villa, salon, shop, spa, dental Clinic, existing & remodeled homes and public Art work. Beginning with an initial design concept through installation and detailing of final design elements to complete the project. To create humanities, natural, simple, aesthetic of space. Affirmed the award-winning works at domestic and abroad, and continues published in international magazines. Our professional design planning capabilities, including eco-friendly construction methods and high quality construction specifications, are second-to-none. We provide the best quality and the customer-oriented service our clients expect.