Project: "Powidoki. Szko?a Filmowa w ?odzi | Afterimages. Film School in ?ód?"
Company:Pa?stwowa Wy?sza Szko?a Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna im. L. Schillera w ?odzi
Designer(s): "Marcin Hernas", "Pawe? Wójcik", "Marzena Bomanowska", "Mariusz Grzegorzek", "Anna Kazimierczak", "Jakub Mikurda", "Anna M. Zarychta", Poland
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Artbook - "Powidoki. Szko?a Filmowa w ?odzi | Afterimages. Film School in ?ód?" "Our album does not provide laurels, describe great events or shape a chronology. It does not try to be authoritative, just or well-behaved. It is not prose; it attempts to be poetry. An attempt to capture at least a part of the ?ód? Film School phenomenon through a kaleidoscope of images, individual words, emotions, memories and suprising reinterpretations. It is an invitation to journey through an ocean of images, just for the pure, sensual joy of traveling, beyond historical logic or nationality, just as the ?ód? Film School constantly sails onwards, trying to discover new lands..." Mariusz Grzegorzek - Rector

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