Project: "S'il Crest-Alpine retreat"
Company:Ina Rinderknecht Interior Design
Designer(s): "Interior Design: Ina Rinderknecht, Küsnacht/Zürich-Switzerland", "Architecture: CAVIGELLI dipl. Architekten ETH/SIA AG, Domat/Ems und Zürich-Switzerland", "Lighting Design: Hellraum GmbH Lichtgestaltung | Lichtplanung | Lichtkunst, St.Gallen-Switzerland" , Switzerland
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Entry Description: S'il Crest-Alpine retreat Drawing inspiration from its location, the Swiss alps, the understated design references this unrivalled natural environment. Skirted by rough swiss mountains, powder white pistes and crystal blue sky, this stunning private mountain retreat redefines the alpine getaway. Set against this incredible backdrop, we created a truly luxurious alpine home, using local materials such as oak wood flooring, cow hides for the niches and marble cladding for the spa. A contemporary European interior in a restful palette of charcoal and white complement the natural backdrop of the Swiss Alps. This private house was to become a tranquil oasis for our client. Details: Renovation of existing ground floor and cellar.Total of 250sqm sole entertainment space including a dining-living room with billiard, a wine cellar with tasting room, a spa with fitness and a ski room.

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