Project: "Urban/A"
Company:ZO-loft architecture & design
Designer(s): Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Cristian Cellini, Andrea Cingoli, Italy
Category: Media and Home Electronics, Professional
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Entry Description: 100% of “garage” sound. Urban/A provides the recycling of old tires to turn them into passive and/or active speakers. After being properly washed the usual hole of the tire is filled with coaxial speakers or subwoofer choosing between several outputs and qualities. The round shape of the tire helps in moving and in usual loading and unloading. Plus, the rubber itself helps the absorption of sound transmitted to the floor by vibration. Basically unchanging the tire, but exploiting and enhancing its unique features, its design facilitates work and processing time, mostly reducing energy consumption and production costs, in the attempt to have a sustainable product as the all meanings this term may have.

About the Designer/Company
1/4 architecture + 1/4 product design + 1/4 communication + 1/4 researching lab. Founded by Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Cristian Cellini, Andrea Cingoli and Francesca Fontana, ZO_loft architecture & design is an architectural and product design practice with operative offices in Italy, France and UK. ZO_loft was born believing in mobile, sustainable, and flexible architecture, design and urban space. Planning and managing the changement ZO_loft is following its aims by reinventing or hybridizing functions, contaminating or showing an apparent funcional disgregation. Since its founding ZO_loft is networking with national and international partners mixing an ongoing research and experiences, creating new connections for knowledge and innovation on a common research and experimentation about dynamics of contemporary design. ZO_loft proposes to discover and use inexpensive and sustainable technologies and materials, to analize recovery and recycling processes, to investigate in human’s life-style and activities, providing easy marketing strategies and better understanding consumer’s needs. Since 2011 ZO_loft is partner of the urban lab Cityvision. They collaborate with with the Faculty of Architecture of Pescara and the Quasar Institute - Design University of Rome. Their architectural and product design works had been awarded, exposed and published worldwide.