Project: "GoogleOfficeCampusDublin"
Company:Camenzind Evolution in collaboration with Henry J. Lyons Architects
Designer(s): "Camenzind Evolution" in collaboration with "Henry J. Lyons Architects", Switzerland
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: In June 2013, Google Ireland opened the doors to its thriving new campus: Four buildings located in the heart of Dublin’s historic docklands district. With over 47’000 m2 of unique office space, the Campus represents the Google EU Head-quarters and serves as the center for sales and finances in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The tallest of the four Campus buildings is the newly constructed 14-storey building ‘Google Docks’ which is also the tallest commercial building in Dublin. Two other buildings – ‘Gasworks House’ and ‘Gordon House’ – have been home for Google already and were completely refitted. The fourth building, ‘One Grand Canal’ – fondly referred to as ‘1GC’ – was newly fitted out. A bridge is planned to be built to connect 'Google Docks', ‘Gasworks House' and 'Gordon House', encouraging an easy flow between buildings and people. For the Masterplan the architects had to find a smart solution for the nearly impossible – to create a stimulating and interactive Campus within a bustling environment in the midst of the inner city. Apart from innovative office spaces, the Masterplan also required the successful organisation of a multitude of additional functions, such as 5 restaurants, 42 micro kitchens and communication hubs, game rooms, fitness center, pool, wellness areas, conference, learning and development centre, tech stops, over 400 informal and formal meeting rooms, phone booths, etc. To create a working atmosphere that is a true testament to Google’s unique culture and values, the architects have conducted many researches before starting with their design. There is a clear separation between the employees’ traditional desk-based work environment and communication areas, granting privacy and focus whenever required for desk-based individual working and a variety of spectacular spaces for collaborating and sharing ideas. The Google Dublin Campus is currently awaiting the prestigious LEED Gold & LEED Platinum certification.

About the Designer/Company
The Swiss architectural studio Camenzind Evolution have placed themselves firmly within the new generation of cutting-edge architects. Fundamental to their incomparable work is the fusion of emotional design ingenuity paired with Swiss quality. Camenzind Evolution are highly agile and globally active - and renowned experts in tailor-made processes and unique design methodologies.