Project: "SOHO 352"
Company:The Carpenter Workshop
Designer(s): Vicor Ting, Singapore
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: This is a 40 year old apartment located in the east side of the island state of Singapore. A complete revamp was done and the space was converted into the office of an interior design firm. Beyond a mere workspace, the revamped unit has a spacious kitchen as well as a chill out area at the back where the designers can cook up a good meal to relax and commune. The creation of an airwell adds a touch of green while allowing natural light into the interior, providing a calming backdrop to the working area. The handrails used in the same area is of Peranakan origin, a cross-cultural group in some parts of Asia, including Singapore. The original window grilles & ventilation blocks used in Singapore in 1970s were retained at the front part of the unit, forming an almost conversational juxtaposition between the past and the present.

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