Project: "House @ Clover"
Company:The Carpenter Workshop
Designer(s): Victor Ting, Tina Lee, Singapore
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: This is a 40 year old double storey house in Singapore. Through an extension at the rear part of the house and an addition of an attic, the original built in space was increased from 145sqm to 223sqm. The spacious new attic with an adjoining balcony that faces the park serves as a tranquil family activity area. Keeping in mind the common issue of a lack of light and airflow for many inter-terraces in Singapore, a double volume ceiling was created for this house. This was done with the relocation of the staircase to the side and removing two of the original rooms so as to make space for the double volume ceiling in the living room. At the same time, a new room was created at the area where the original staircase used to stand. A link bridge on the second storey act as a divider to demarcate the study area and the sleeping area.

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