Project: "New-York Historical Society: Institutional Advertising Campaign"
Company:LaPlaca Cohen
Designer(s): Joel Peter Johnson, United States
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: The Armory Show at 100 revisits the historic exhibition held in New York City. The show brings back the legendary artworks and explores the impact of the event through the milleu of New York City and how it’s influence still reverberates today. In the beginning of the concept process it was important to keep in mind that the campaign needed to be more provocative graphically than their usual exhibitions and still have it exist within an historical context. The words “revolution”, “scandal”, “shocking”, were to appear in ads throughout the campaign. Using the word “revolution” as a thematic reference point, the creative team focused on avante-garde Frence and Russian posters of the era that complemented the word. They found further inspiration in Pop Art imagery. Graphically combining the two eras, provided the “dialogue” to create a bold and eye-catching campaign. With the design approved and refined, the desigers began the process of laying out the design for various media. From full-page New York Times ads to Metropolitian Transit Authority (MTA) bus sides and subway posters.

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