Project: "Lifescript TV launch package"
Designer(s): Jon Berry, Alex Friend (for Lifescript), Laurie Berger (for Lifescript), United States
Category: Multimedia, Professional
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Entry Description: Lifescript, a website for womens health, wanted a broadcast package to launch a web video channel in much the style of a tv network. The look needed to complement their existing brand, be clean, modern and feminine, but not dowdy. To work with a limited budget and more importantly, to make their workflow easier, I devised a system where multiple "shows" would all use the same information architecture, so editors could update elements in every show using the same process. Elements in the show would use a color/pattern/texture to match the opens, which would all be completely custom. Color schemes also complemented the overall network logo and look while still giving shows an individual feel.

About the Designer/Company
Jon Berry is a creative director and motion graphic designer/animator. A winner of more than 75 awards including multiple Emmys, Tellys, International Design, Creativity, Promax, & BDA International awards, Jon is an admitted typography fiend. Until December ‘05, he was the design/creative director of Fine Living tv network, helping to lead its look and feel since its inception in 2001. Since then, he has created solutions for clients around the world while watching the surf from his base in Manhattan Beach. Jon is a fan of travel, modernism, kitsch, gourmet food trucks, gastropubs, rodeo, and supporting the LA Galaxy as a part of the Angel City Brigade. The quickest way to his heart is through good kerning or a good weissbier. Or both.