Project: "The Halo Light"
Designer(s): Alex Diener, Kristin Will, Andrew Royal, Max Baker, John Manthey, Chad Brinckerhoff, John Murkowski, Trent Wetherbee, Aaron Johnson, Jonathan Hadley, United States
Category: Industrial and Life Science Design, Professional
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Entry Description: The Halo Light™ is a 360° LED light ring that attaches to any hard hat and produces a halo of light enabling the wearer to see and be seen in all directions at all times. There are four modes, Halo, Hi-Alert, Task and Dim. The Halo Light is powered by a rechargeable battery that clips to a belt or pocket and is tethered to the Halo via a flexible cable with a safety release connection. It’s lightweight, extremely rugged and easily attaches to any hard hat in about a second. Construction workers in low-visibility situations can be practically invisible to passing motorists and heavy equipment operators. The Halo Light's 360° illumination makes it easy to distinguish an individual even at a distance. The Halo Light also illuminates a worker’s task area and any hidden dangers (holes, steps, cables, etc.) in their periphery. The Halo Light is an active safety system, going above and beyond existing reflective (passive) solutions. By enabling the wearer to see and be seen, the Halo light makes a tough and dangerous job safer and the task at hand easier.

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