Project: "Creativity of Curiosity - The 60th Anniversary of INTERNI"
Company:Moho Creation
Designer(s): Ray Yen, Taiwan
Category: Print, Student
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Entry Description: Interni, one of the best-known magazines for interior design, industrial design and architecture, and we would work for Fuori Salone during Design Week at Statale, an event hosted by Interni during the first weeks of April. This is a great moment for Interni to expand its brand awareness and let the visitors know they are now celebrating a sixty years anniversary. First of all we develop a new concept which was based on the combination of the hand gestures from the Italian culture and the very basic need of the event, which gave place to some keywords such as fun, universal language, sight, celebration and discovery. To create the link between the hand gesture Italian culture and the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Interni, we thought of hands making the shape of the number sixty and placing them towards our face so you could frame the sight and discover something. A very simple but fun action that would make every visitor, feel part of the celebration. The logo followed that hand shape and its outlines were based on the very basic design shapes such as the circle, square and triangle; same that would be the base for the type design used within the whole project. At the end of the project, we developed a whole package of resources that combined they create a fun and easy way to communicate people from around the globe, the celebration of Interni in this important anniversary, developing a fast rising social media spread among businessmen, students, bloggers, but most of all, designers.

About the Designer/Company
Moho, a multi-disciplinary creative office that serves as a visual storyteller and strategist for a range of local and international corporate client, organizations, individual, and self initiative project. We focus on communicating clear messages through a carefully aesthetic resolution. Our designs are based on concepts because good design is about transferring a client’s inspirations.