Project: "f'real Frozen Beverage Blender"
Company:Studio Backs
Designer(s): Studio Backs, United States
Category: Home Interior Products, Professional
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Entry Description: This new blender for frozen blended beverages was developed for Fast Food Restaurants, Casual Dining Restaurants, Convenient Stores as behind-the-counter (BTC) product, but also as self-serve equipment to highlight and visually communicate the essence of the fíreal brand. The blender was developed for key restaurant segments, such as Subway, KFC, Arbyís, etc., to create a more unique, memorable and consistent brand experience, as the previous generation presented a disconnect with customer experience and inconsistency with equipment line-up. The new blender features a large portrait display, to run promotions, show flavors, or to make other blending suggestions to make the under 1 minutes blending time more fun, memorable to create a better experience. fírealís unique flavored blended beverages are being displayed in undercounter freezers, below counters or blenders. Customers can choose their flavor, remove the lid and place the beverage safely into the blender. This process was improved though smoother forms and integral moving parts to eliminate potential pinch points. The process of blending had to be lifted to a new experience and ritual for users. The blender serves as a platform for a variety of product lines (milkshakes, smoothies, frozen cappuccinos, soft serve, etc.). The product had to be designed to be highly functional with a premium appearance, clean and sanitary, efficient, high quality, approachable and simple to use, which were all successfully implemented. In addition, the design had to reflect that this equipment is for blending products rather than dispensing them. A clean appearance and sanitary conditions are key for look and food safety, as hygiene is a concern in the food industry, it features an internal self-cleaning process after each blended beverage as well as a deep-cleaning process at the end of the day. Internal surfaces are treated soft and rounded to avoid built-up and easy draining after rinsing.

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