Project: "SENSE LOGO"
Company:Dondao Creative Branding Group
Designer(s): Dongdao Brand Design and Management , China
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: SENSE is China’s top-level Buddhist statue, items and aloeswood store. The products itself are awe-inspiring Buddha statues and a selection of Buddhist items, such as the treasured aloeswood incense. A Eastern philosophical saying states: “one creates two; two produces three; three gives birth to all things” and “one sees mountains and rivers, as they are; one does not see mountains and rivers, as they are; and one sees mountains and rivers; and they are still as they are.”. The Chinese word san, which means ‘three’, is an utmost important number in the traditional Eastern mindset: It is related to everything in our universe. The corresponding English name ‘SENSE’ refers to intuition, a stage higher than knowledge, imagination and inspiration. In meditation, surrounded by fragrance of burning incense, people concentrate on communicating spiritually, with a true heart. Our design feels natural and influenced by Zen Buddhism, which emphasizes on the attainment of enlightenment. The logo of SENSE represents Eastern thinking: Although you cannot completely see the three hills in the logo partially covered by 'clouds', there are nonetheless there. And, with a pure hearth, one ‘sees’ things in the most beautiful and peaceful way. It explicitly and implicitly conveyed the essence of its products that are based on wisdom, beliefs, spiritual metaphysics, or simply nature of reality.

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