Project: "SENSE (poster) "
Company:Dondao Creative Branding Group
Designer(s): Dongdao Brand Design and Management, China
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: SENSE is China’s top-level Buddhist statue, items and aloeswood store. The products itself are awe-inspiring Buddha statues and a selection of Buddhist items, such as the treasured aloeswood incense. One of the challenges we encountered early was how to consistently match the English name, SENSE, with the style of the logo and the Chinese characters. Another challenge was how to present the Chinese poster in a simple form, although it carries complex indications from Eastern culture. The aim of the design was to clearly differentiate the two languages, yet to have them somehow related in a consistent style. We choose hand-made paper for the posters, which can perfectly present the color of the ink, and make the ink last longer on it than on other papers. The texture of the thick hand-made paper gives a sense of original. The silk-screen print technique, different usual printing technology, makes sure the exact reflection of ink strokes and the nature of the paper. Due to the fact that the paper is hand made, the posters are limited in quantity. Overall, poster is highly consistent with the atmosphere of “Zen” and the brand “Sense”. The poster design has a rich aura of Eastern aesthetics and wisdom; yet it also appears modern and expresses much in few words and concise graphics.

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