Project: "Tianjin Art Museum"
Company:Dondao Creative Branding Group Co., Ltd.
Designer(s): Dongdao Brand Design and Management, China
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: The Tianjin Art Museum is one of the most famous museums in China. The underlying creative design idea of the museum architecture* emphasizes on an artistic “box”. It stresses on a simple and orderly modernistic space, and the aesthetics of rationalism. Our design maintains the simplicity of the space without interference by other obstructive elements. We used semi-transparent stand up signage in the form of a box with a 3form Chroma renewable matte. With this approach, the semi-transparent boxes fit well with the interior space design. The stand-up signs keep the simplicity of the walls intact, and resonate with the design concept of the building. The transparent, rectangular signage is divided by a diagonal information board. Information is displayed clearly at the front of the signage, while the enlarged number of the floor is illustrated in a more subtle manner. Overall, the intriguing design of the signage provides the visitors to the museum with a sense of artistic appreciation.

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