Project: "Split View"
Designer(s): Misak Terzibasiyan, Emile van Vugt, Netherlands
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Entry Description: This family which wanted to build this house was motivated by the change of their living situation and wanted to express this also in their new house. The two children of this family wanted to have their own living surrounding but also wanted to be in close contact with the parents. On the other hand the parents wanted to have more private zones in the new house but also be in close contact with their children. Every floor of the house had to have an overview of the surrounding. In a certain way the new house is a translation of the family situation which is undergoing a transformation like many other families in the Netherlands. The house has an inner organisation of a wooden staircase and all the levels of this house are connected with this staircase, like the leaves of a tree. From the living area till the upper sleeping rooms the spaces are organized by the staircase and each living space gives a different view to the surrounding. The family wanted a house which is flooded with light, which is experienced each season in a different way and they wanted to experience the surrounding from different locations in the house. From the outside this house gives a readable split level. A glimpse of the various functions of the house can been seen at different corners from outside and inside the house. The interior of this house and the use is readable at the outside of the house and each side of the house is reacting in his own peculiar way, one time closed and the other time open, sometimes friendly and the other time hard-minded, sometimes unanswered and the other time it lights up and shows the inside.

About the Designer/Company
The founders and owners of UArchitects, Misak Terzibasiyan & Emile van Vugt , are personally and professionally focusing on an international context and on the influence of cultural themes. This is mainly based on their ethnical background: Emile van Vugt was born in Germany with Dutch parents and Misak Terzibasiyan was born in Helsinki with Finnish and Armenian parents; this gives a glimpse of their deep personal interest in other cultures . The differences in the nature and scale of our assignments and studies prompt us to develop new strategies for every client. Our design philosophy remains recognisable throughout: intuitive and reflective, and always based on our fascination for people and places. The places and people provide hints of the volume, orientation and materialisation we want to apply. The design of our buildings is in dialogue with the context and with the expression of an individual texture. Misak Terzibasiyan and Emile van Vugt had studied at the University of Technology Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and had worked at international offices before founding UArchitects in 2003.