Project: "Sydney Commonwealth Parliament Offices"
Company:Architectus + Ingenhoven
Designer(s): Martin Reuter, Simon Zou, Justin Phillips, Neil Hadrill, Dominica Watt, Hernan Jerez, Ryan Townsend, Stephen Matthews, Gary Cheung, Bibiana Zapf, Jun Teraoka, Australia
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: The Sydney Commonwealth Parliament Offices (CPO) provides accommodation for Australian Federal Government Ministerial and parliamentary staff including Sydney-based Ministers, the Leader of the Opposition, visiting Senators and Members and the Prime Minister. It also provides an important portal for Australian Parliamentarians when meeting and collaborating with guests. Located across three floors of the Architectus + Ingenhoven designed office tower 1 Bligh Street, Sydney, the offices were designed to provide a contemporary and environmentally sustainable workplace that is user-flexible and highly secure. The aspiration of the brief was to ensure the fit-out reflected the unique nature and character of Sydney, while maintaining a timelessness and value for money that would endure a significant lease period. This aspiration was realised on qualities such as natural daylight, maximising views, transparency deep within the plan, local use of materials and importantly local craftsmanship whilst embracing the unique attributes of the building. A high quality design standard which aligned with a functional material aesthetic and facilitated cultural change was required while achieving a high degree of security and amenity within the context of a contemporary office fit-out. Technical challenges included the separation of various occupants all sharing a building yet meeting stringent acoustic and protocol requirements. Access control regimes and their management and operation were paramount, including necessary public accessibility, restriction and privilege hierarchies. The radial plan configuration was developed to optimise the perimeter allowing the large number of individual suites to access views. The plan was also layered to provide further separation, locating the most public space around 1 Bligh’s central atrium and lifts, followed by a layer of shared public and private accommodation with the most secure areas to the perimeter.

About the Designer/Company
Architectus is an experienced and creative design practice providing comprehensive design and management services in architecture, interior architecture, urban design and urban planning. Projects have the benefit of inspirational design and strategic thinking from the combined talents of some of the most skilled professionals in Australia and New Zealand. Design directors collaborate across projects and regions providing high level strategic direction and design input ensuring the quality of design reflects the group’s core principles. Architectus has expertise in the design of the urban environment, from strategic planning through to design and planning approvals, and the design of commercial, residential, education, public, industrial, retail, hotel, transport and infrastructure projects. Recent projects include the design of the Harbord Diggers Redevelopment; Central to Eveleigh Concept Vision; Qantas Headquarters Redevelopment; the 6 Star high rise office tower 1 Bligh Street, Sydney; and the Gold Coast Rapid Transit light rail.