Project: "Vessel Kitchen"
Company:Studio Backs
Designer(s): Studio Backs, United States
Category: Home Interior Products, Professional
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Entry Description: Originally designed in 2006, revisited and improved in 2012 and finalized and detailed in 2014, this kitchen system captures the spirit of an urban modern lifestyle, design-minded people and planners would appreciate and love. The philosophy of the vessel kitchen highlights the essence of the work surface, the tools above and the storage below the work surface. The name “vessel” derived from the essence of storing items and capturing water in an abstract but contemporary way. Visually impactful with real ergonomic benefits; all surfaces are leaning away creating more clearance and allowing a closer connection between user and work surface. Vessel is illustrated in 4 key configurations: 1 – Wall Unit Standard The wall unit is a sleek and built in kitchen hanging cantilevered of a sophisticated robust wall system. The wall system houses and hides all electrical and plumbing components, but makes them easily accessible at the same time. 2 - Wall Unit Premium Similar to the standard wall unit, the premium wall unit bridges some of the characteristics of the freestanding work bench with the standard wall unit. The work surface becomes in essence a large stainless steel extension of the cook top itself, will make this kitchen a premium design. 3 - Freestanding Workbench Inspired by modern and classic freestanding kitchens, this kitchen features a half and half design, with enclosed storage units to one side and an open bench-like structure on the opposing side. This kitchen can either be installed on its own or combined with the Wall Unit Standard. 4 - Freestanding Island The freestanding island unit compliments the standard wall unit and allows flexibility to include a range or secondary sink, in addition to more counter space ideal for socializing and entertaining to enhance the feeling of the kitchen being the center of the house.

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