Project: "Arm loader"
Company:Designsori academy
Designer(s): Doyoung Kim, Youngwon Jeon, Korea, Republic of
Category: Transportation, Student
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Entry Description: A loader which moves by recognizing coordinates. A loader which mostly functions on uneven grounds may cause the driver to experience severe motion sickness and also cause them to feel rapid tiredness.However, the ĎARM LOADERí allows for the recognition of the coordinate points on the ground and helps the driverís seat to be stable and not waver. Therefore, it helps the driver not to feel tired and allows them to carry out their work safely. Furthermore, this product makes up for the flaws of heavy equipments which have a small field of vision and a camera was installed in the front to allow for the recognition of threats. Additionally, there are many cases when the loader u-turns throughout the process and through the consideration of this factor, a wheel was applied to allow it to spin easily.

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