Project: "Lionís Bank Master Key World Elite Mastercard"
Company:Idea Bank SA division Lion's Bank
Designer(s): Lionís Bank Master Key World Elite Mastercard by Remigiusz Dymek and Dominik Fajbusiewicz, Poland
Category: Other Products designs, Professional
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Entry Description: Lionís Bank is a private banking brand belonging to Idea Bank SA and offering services to the wealthiest and most respected of entrepreneurs. It specializes in real estate investments, bringing a new dimension to Polish private banking. Under the guidance of its motto: earning, not saving, the bank has been helping its clients to build substantial profits since 2010. Lionís Bank Master Key World Elite Mastercard was launched in November 2013. Offered only to a handful of carefully selected clients, it refers expressly to Lionís Bank high-profile market. It is the worldís first irregularly shaped metal card and the first European metal card oriented vertically. Weighing 25 grams, it is made of metal (an alloy of nickel, copper and zinc) instead of plastic. Its front is marked with a reflective logotype, shaped as a lionís head, with the cardholderís name engraved directly beneath it. The cardís serial number, usually visible on the credit cardsí surface, has been concealed in order to make the design even more elegant and seamless. Given that the card makers came up with a highly unusual design, great amount of work was put into research and devlopment, and into formalities, in order for the card to meet all the requirements of local and international banking laws and payment regulations. Because of the cardís unprecedented shape, all manufacturing devices used in the production process had to be modernized and reprogrammed. This is why it took almost 12 months to produce the card (instead of a standard month). All in all, the card represents the holderís social and financial status, fulfills his desire for luxury and reinforces the bankís brand Ė all at the same time. It is designed to attract attention and be awe-inspiring.

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