Project: "Torchia"
Designer(s): Dr. Hakan Gürsu, Turkey
Category: Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation, Professional
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Entry Description: Torchia Solar LED Lamp/Charger offers portable emergency flashlight that uses solar energy as its main power source. Just like handy flashlight, this concept device fits several needs in both multiple usages. Charged by photovoltaic panels in four wings, Torchia produces energy without any dependency on other energy systems. Suitable for outdoor activities, it charges devices via USB. Created as a multipurpose tool that is light yet robust, it is a lifesaver in size of an A3 paper. Torchia is also efficient in emergency situations; it can be used as a flash light for warning such as in the event of a car accident or natural disasters. It can be stuck onto soft ground with its foldable stakes at bottom. The main system continuously charges itself and produces energy with photovoltaic panels on four wings; the panels are two sided and other side of a panel is a reflective surface. It consists of 7 LED lights of 3.5 watts, 2 batteries with 24 watts DC, and 2 USB outputs.

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