Project: "SATOnoUDON"
Company:Doyle Collection co. ltd.
Designer(s): Doyle Collection co.ltd., Japan
Category: Other Interior designs, Professional
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Entry Description: SATOnoUDON serves “Udon” and “Bara don” (bowl of sautéed pork back rib) as main menu. This brand is developed as chain-restaurants, and is the first restaurant to open in an oversea country. Therefore, we were required to create prototypes when looking ahead to other oversea chain-store development. The most important factor in the early stage is to integrate key elements to raise name recognition. Our works range to branding as well, such as redesigning the logo marks. Here are the two design’s touch points we would like to explain. First point is about the crests and Japanese patterned motif designs around the entrance. These designs create big impressions and the pattern elements will be useful to apply to other chain-stores. What is more, we put great effort to make these designs look like one identity through the assembly impression. Originally, crests and Japanese patterned designs all have their own meanings. Thus we deliberately combined multiple designs in order to lessen the individual meanings. Second point is the ceiling design of the restaurant which is so dynamic and yet so minimal. The white bars are used to resemble the Udon as if they are woven to create Japanese-style painting. This “Udon” and “Japan” are conceptually expressed to foreigners. These narrative designs will surely become good communication tools between the restaurant and customers. We find it important that restaurants contribute to increase the multidimensional information they transmit to customers. In this way, we hope these original designs will produce fruit and become the characteristics of “Sato no Udon” and expand throughout the world.

About the Designer/Company
Doyle Collection co.ltd. was established in 2011.(Head office Tokyo, Japan) Aiji Inoue is CEO of Doyle Collection. Engaged as Interior Architect for 11years at a Japanese famous design studio. Created many projects and received high evaluation in every project. Most significant features of his works are not just creating one scene but sequence. Just one year Doyle Collection has been expanding the market from Japan to Asia and Europe.