Project: "Logitech AnyAngle"
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Designer(s): Branko Lukic, Alastair Curtis, Logitech Design, United States
Category: Office Equipment, Professional
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Entry Description: Staying true to the versatility and portability of the iPad, the AnyAngle case lets you use your iPad the way you want to. Freeing you from the prescribed interaction angles of typical iPad cases, the AnyAngle seamlessly adjust so you don’t have to. The soft, dirt repellent fabric feels comfortable in your hand and on your lap, and the hidden magnets secure the case in your preferred position so you can pick up and move your iPad without the cover flopping out of place. Distilling protection to the essentials, the light-weight case with the clear back protects without adding bulk or heft. AnyAngle - a case that adapts to you, not the other way around.

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