Project: "Hard Rock Hotel, Palm Springs"
Company:Mr. Important Design
Designer(s): Mister Important Design, United States
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: ard Rock Hotel Palm Springs was a complete renovation of an existing hotel in Palm Springs California. In keeping with the artsy vibe of Palm Springs and mindful of the local influence exerted by the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, we sought to create a Hard Rock Hotel experience that dovetailed with those two dynamics. To that end, we selected memorabilia from younger artists as well as unusual items from more established acts. We kept the lobby sexy and fun with the inclusion of a sunken living room and lots of glam touches including a chandelier the spells out the classic doors lyric- “Hello, I love you “ over the bar. Mug shot pillows of rock stars, curtains of cymbals mixed with great rock memorabilia throughout. We created a gallery of festival imagery with photography by Paige Parsons, a well-known indie festival photographer. Benoit Maubrey was brought in from Germany to create one of his interactive, walk through sound speaker temples that double as a dj booth on weekends. Artists. Mr. Brainwash, Jona Cerwinske, and Timorous Beasties all contributed work seen throughout the property.

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