Project: "Ghaith&Jad business cards"
Designer(s): studio zumra, Lebanon
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Ghaith Abi Ghanem and Jad Melki are two architects that function as one entity; Ghaith&Jad. Their studioís work focuses on being true to material and responsive to context. We were approached to design their business card; one that reflects the nature of their studio and itís work process. The two sided card was designed purely based on each architects information, where each individual claims one side of the card. Legibility separates the two architects while the translucent aspect of the calque (thick tracing paper), and the use of a monospaced font, creates a holistic visual that merges the two entities into one.

About the Designer/Company
studio zumra is a small graphic design collective founded in 2013 by Ayman Hassan and Ziad Bou Assi, part of the Mansion collective in Beirut, Lebanon. Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design, zumra is characterised by a collaborative methodology different from other design agencies in the city. The studio collaborates frequently with musicians, curators, architects, artists, institutions and other designers to realise experimental and hybrid design in the service of broader creative projects.