Project: "Twitter UK"
Company:IA Interior Architects & tothepoint
Designer(s): IA Gillian Burgis Director of Design and Strategies Katie Lin: Project Designer tothepoint Kevin Cox – Creative Director Glenn Wood – Account Director , United States
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: What makes the new landmark UK Twitter home so special is that it was designed through collaboration of a group of passionate individuals. IA Interior Architects, tothepoint, DTZ & Bluu with the Twitter team, Tracy Hawkins & Helen Moyes, embodied the values of the client organisation to launch an office with wit, wisdom and understatement. Working very closely with the client to understand their ambitions and define the creative direction the design team worked together seamlessly. The design is a blend of technology, media and space wrapped around a boutique ‘hotel’ with a residential look and feel. The focus was ultimately on creating a workshop where the UK Twitter team can create their best work in a meaningful, thought provoking space, while feeling comfortable and at ease, reflective of Twitter itself. The building’s triangular shape defines the work areas: quieter engineers have one wing; dynamic brand & creative teams have another wing; and visitors are received in the central wing. There are ‘dynamic, interactive wall surfaces ’for teams to personalise and share experiences. A wall of A5 magnetised frames and a Polaroid wall are used to capture these moments and tweet. These ideas are now being implemented in Twitters offices, globally. In the visitor wing, a hand crafted letterpress wall forms a dramatic backdrop to the reception and captures the essence of Twitter’s brand and employees who work there. From an original idea by IA and the client, tothepoint created a direct link and association between words, typography and the use of Tweets, with graphic impact, humor and style. A flexible, multi-functional space was designed that includes Real Time and VIT room’s where Twitter staff can meet with brands and demonstrate dynamic real time data and a visitor lounge where you can ‘design’ your own coffee and brew wirelessly. The heart of the space is ‘the Commons,’ a village square and scene for all forms of meetings, presentations, lunches, and events.

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