Project: "Edyn Garden Sensor"
Designer(s): fuseproject, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The Edyn Garden Sensor is a connected device that stems into the soil of the user’s garden and measures nutrient levels, moisture, sunlight exposure, among other factors, and sends the information in real-time to an app. To reflect the experience of the product, we built the packaging around the sensor as if it were stemming into soil. The “soil” is a cardboard box, with a pattern built from the Edyn logo with a brown, earthy background, fading into exposed natural cardboard. The exterior of the package has a blurred image of a lush garden against a clean white background. The exterior box lifts upward to reveal the interior “soil,” mimicking the layers of the earth with the Edyn Garden Sensor fixed into it. As the connected garden sensor is a new category of products, we’ve put clear graphics on each side of the box to signify how the product is used. While one side shows a hero image of the product vertically and the opposite side horizontally (so that the package can be placed either way on the shelves), the other sides show screens from the Edyn app to showcase the ease of use, and the social aspects of the product respectively. The top of the box simply has the Edyn logo, keeping the box clear of extraneous images or information.

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