Project: "PayPal Brand Identity"
Designer(s): fuseproject, United States
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: When PayPal approached fuseproject to build a new identity that better represents the companyís innovative goals for mobile, online, and real-world growth, we jumped at the chance to collaborate. One of our main goals was to create a cohesive look and feel while affirming the trust consumers already had in the company. With this in mind, fuseproject focused on strengthening existing, underutilized elements, as well as inventing something new and progressive. The new monogram solves functional clarity and recognition issues on mobile devices, and the distinct overlap of the double P emphasizes the connection - a motivating principle behind the renewed identity. Our recommendations became standards for success - better functionality for small mobile screens, improved impact and distinction in look and feel, and more extendable, flexible elements to support the logo. The new identity strengthens PayPalís equities, prepares it to continue leading the industry, and as research thus far has revealed, increases user perceptions of trust, energy, youthfulness, and innovation.

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