Project: "Coin Castle Bank"
Company:The University of Nottingham Ningbo China
Designer(s): Yuxiang Sun, Yiteng Shih, Mengying Jiang, Jiaxin Wang, Jiani Zeng, China
Category: Outdoor and Exercise Equipment, Student
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Entry Description: Coins are used every now and then, and they can always be found at unexpected places at home or any other places. Therefore, it could be better if the coins can be collected in time. This cap can be placed directly onto a normal beverage bottle, and coins can go through it from the top and side. The inspiration of the shape came from the logo of our campus (Nottingham), which is a tower of a castle.

About the Designer/Company
Mechanical, materials and manufacturing engineering at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China is an exciting, dynamic and fast growing department. Its programmes cover mechanics, dynamics, kinetics, thermodynamics, energy, fluids, materials, manufacture, ergonomics and design. The Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering has strong links with the corresponding departments in the UK and Malaysia campuses of the University of Nottingham. Its exceptionally close involvement with Chinese and international institutions and industries ensures a high quality teaching and research in the relevant professional fields.