Project: "PRIZE"
Designer(s): Fa-Hsiang Hu / China University of Technology, Taiwan
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: The Graphic Design Association of the Republic of China hopes to develop a series of posters with the theme of utilize the Chinese auspicious words. By graphic designing, they wish to transform the traditional auspicious words into a more modern look visual so that people will have a new aspect for the Chinese characters and cultures. In order to do that, we exercise the Mandarin Phonetic Symbol, a system of phonetic notation for the transcription of spoken Chinese . We turn the Chinese words “Big Good Fortune (Da Ji Xiang) into Mandarin Phonetic Symbol and design it as like a simple totem. If you see this totem from a distance, it will look like the Chinese word “Prize”. And if you view it closer, you will see the “Big Good Fortune” compose by the Mandarin Phonetic Symbol. We believe that the good fortune as one wishes is the ultimate happiness for all the Chinese people, and this is the purpose of what we are trying to achieve. “The best prize is Good fortune as one wishes.”

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