Project: "Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel"
Company:CL3 Architects Limited
Designer(s): CL3 Architects Limited, Hong Kong
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: A private garden in the metropolis. Life in the heart of Tokyo gives us a lot of convenience, but it can be very hectic at the same time. The hotel aims to create a private garden in the heart of the city. A contemporary garden that will bring a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere once we step inside, yet retaining the style and elegance that is enjoyable in a fashionable metropolis. Like a Japanese Zen garden, the design approach is Asian Minimalism, with attention to stimulation of the senses: Lighting, touch, texture, comfort, art, the environment, are all considered carefully in the development of the design. A landscape stairs connects the lobby to the restaurant in the lower ground level, where a relaxed library/greenhouse atmosphere creates a comfortable dining experience in the city. The typical guestroom is 200sq.ft. and designed for comfort and full amenities including a four piece bathroom with independent toilet cubicle. Large mural artwork and special carpet design complete the idea of the private garden in the guestrooms.

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