Project: "interiorCode / 200 Categorization of interior planning for living alone"
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Designer(s): RBaba Inc., Japan
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Entry Description: Website: http://www.interior-coordinate.net/ interiorCode is a design website of small apartments for living alone with 200 3D interior planning categorized into 5 apartment types, 5 tastes, and 8 life styles, which will all be updated annually. In recent years, interior planning for living alone is searched in google. But conventional interior plan (with only a bed in a bedroom) with one function in each room wasn’t enough for multiple functioned small apartment requiring bedroom, living room, etc. in one room. Two innovative categorization methods: 1. Not single rooms, it was categorized into 5 typical apartment rooms. 2. By setting up the priority of doing what with who in the narrow space, 8 life styles were categorized from the kind of furniture placed, and it could also cope with living alone, cohabitation, and semi-cohabitation. <5 apartment types> 1: studio (1 room ) 2: studio + kitchen 3: studio + kitchenette 4: 1BR(1 room + 1 bed room)+1BA (1 bath room) 5: 1BR + kitchen <8 life styles> 1. Living + Bed ( Priorities/1:sleep,2:relax ) 2. Living + Sofa Bed ( P/1:relax,2:sleep ) 3. Living + Bed + Desk ( P/1:work,2:sleep,3:relax ) 4. Living + Sofa Bed + Desk ( P/1:work,2:relax,3:sleep) 5. Living + Bed +Dining ( P/1:cook,2:sleep,3:relax ) 6. Living + Sofa Bed + Dining ( P/1:cook(party),2:relax,3:sleep) 7. Living + Sofa Bed + Desk + Dining ( P/1:cook and work,2:relax,3:sleep) 8. Living + Loft Bed + Desk + Dining ( P/1:cook and work,2:relax,3:sleep) <5 tastes> 1.Modern, Cool 2.Nordic, Natural 3.Antique, Classic 4.Oriental, Japanese 5.Princess, Pop Benefit: 1. User/single person: preferred interior plan can be found intuitively from each category. One practical usage is to use it as a display window when renting a room. 2. Client/real estate rent agency: conventional 3D diagrams are made-to-order at high price, but it can be low-cost and leased monthly here. Media coverage http://beauty.yahoo.co.jp/lifestyle/articles/21279

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Slogan is 'Make Your Room Cafe Restaurant Style' "Cafe Restaurant Style" is an interior planning design. "Cafe Restaurant Style" is model home that gives the feeling of art as if one is living in a cafe and consists of only four interior elements; curtains, rugs, plants, and lighting. Shining light on a wall with plants on it creates whimsical illumination space. "Cafe Restaurant Style" casually brings such whimsical illumination seen dating spaces like theme parks and restaurants into the house. As "Cafe Restaurant Style" uses four elements, not only it can be applied in privately owned residences but also in rental houses and apartments.