Project: "Tamar Development, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Headquarters"
Company:Rocco Design Architects Limited
Designer(s): Rocco Yim, CM Chan, William Tam, Henry Ho, William Lee, David Ho, Boris Lo, Wicky Choi, Herbert Hung, Angela Fong, Queenie Szeto, Joseph Kong, Sze Hoi Wai, Raymond Lee, Alonzo Cheng, Agnus Lau, Gary Ng, Ally Leong, Tong Hui Ching, Chan Chi Chung, Fiona Ching, Jeffery Yip, Helen Wong, Christopher Wong, Jessica Lai, Wong Yiu Hung, CF Cheng., Hong Kong
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: The Tamar Development project is an intricately composed Government Complex, integrating three principal buildings and the landscaped Civic Park. The design concept of the Tamar Development embodies four themes: Openness, Enjoyment, Sustainability, and Communication. And above all, it is about the spirit of sharing: how a prime site in the centre of the city could be shared not only by 3 branches of government, but also by the public in such a way that all parties could function without under interference from one another, while at the same time sharing the common attribute of the city, i.e. the harbour and the waterfront. Therefore, the Legislative Council Complex and the Chief Executive’s Office are located on either sides of the site, flanking the Civic Park and angling towards the Waterfront to provide a gesture of unity for the whole development.

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