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Project: "Decca Design Website"
Company:Decca Design
Designer(s): Sheila Hatch, Azi Afifi, Natasha Kramskaya, United States
Category: Multimedia, Professional
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Entry Description: At Decca Design, we recently completed rebranding our agency to more accurately reflect the kind of work we do and the strategic direction of the agency. Naturally, a big part of this rebranding included a complete redesign of our company’s web presence. We set out to accomplish three primary objectives with the new website. First, it had to communicate the agency’s focus on delivering both strategic services and creative marketing. Second, it had to showcase the terrific work we do for current clients. And, finally, it had to utilize strategic SEO tactics and responsive design, as well as video and mobile capabilities. Lead by Creative Director and President Sheila Hatch, Decca Art Directors designed and built decdesign.com, a progressive site with a modern look that also showcases the latest in web functionality.

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