Designer(s): TSANG CHING PUN, Hong Kong
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Entry Description: COLLECTOR-HOME The ever growing property price resulted from the lack of land and over exploitation makes it almost impossible for most young couples and fresh graduates to have a decently big enough place to live in. This is a common social problem that we have to face.The initial thought given to this work is to help improving people’s living environment and quality of life by studying how youngsters live in tiny space. Container housing has become very common in modern society. The living space for modern container homes has been used as canon of proportion for the design, providing new insights into addressing the potential issues with tiny living space. The theme of the design is "acting freely”, it pictures a normal day of a young man, or a couple: coming home from day job; cooking for dinner; having a candlelit dinner with the loved ones; taking a bath to shake off the whole day’s fatigue; then, going to bed early to prepare for tomorrow’s routine. In order to fully utilize space potential, each section of the design is given careful consideration. Particularly, the design for retractable toilet has surpassed the traditional format of toilet design, making it not only recycles wasted water, but also saves more space. A whole new design of bath tub provides youngsters an unprecedented opportunity to enjoy taking a bath in their living space. Such design, indicates that bathing is no longer a privilege of those wealthy families. Although what you see is a tiny empty shell, the person who lives in there is much alive. Therefore, it should not be a box used only for resting. The work is dedicated to filling every small living space with true romance, recreation and enjoyment. Instead of making people feel interior, this work manifests warm-heartedness and fairness; it motivates people with positive energy.

About the Designer/Company
Tsang Ching Pun, a graduate from Birmingham City University with the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Interior Design. Scope of work include interior design, space planning, furniture and product design. His vision in designing is not only to pursuit visual satisfaction but more fundamentally to solve problems. The design has won awards from various international recognitions.