Project: "Safir Residence"
Company:Ward + Blake Architects
Designer(s): Ward + Blake Architects, United States
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: The architecture is subservient to the viewsheds, and sets the tone for this project, situated on a flat parcel of land with magnificent mountain views,. The main views are captured by the North South alignment, as well as by an open plan. Large expanses of glass with deconstructed glass corners capture the panorama. The skewed plan of the dining area/ kitchen aligns with the views, and captures natural light by its orientation to the South. The siting of the guest house creates a semi courtyard at the front entry of the main house and the visitor experiences entry to both by traversing the drive which is set four feet below. This reduces the scale of the guest house garage and places most of the driveway below original grade to retain pristine views. Reclaimed wood and steel cladding reflect the functions of the plan to give rhythm to the fašade.

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