Company:PLOTCREATIVE Interior Design Limited
Designer(s): PLOTCREATIVE Interior Design Ltd, Oscar Chan, Hong Kong
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Entry Description: The newly opened Dreams . The Bread bakery on Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong stands out with its stylish and contextual interior design The interior design of Dreams. The Bread by Oscar Chan takes the idea of a bakery to a new, stylish level. Using geometric patterns as the main element, the designers have created an eye-catching image for the bakery, with the back wall consisting of the stores signature product cubed bread. On the exterior decoration, the colour originates from the product, the green tea pumpkin bread, to agree with the organic value of the bakery. The whole design is highlighted with a window display of lanterns that perfectly showcase the products. Besides the product-inspired wall, other artistic geometric patterns can be found on flooring, walls and the ceiling. A mixture of black and white tiles are set off by colourful splashes throughout the bakery, predominantly in red, blue, green and yellow.

About the Designer/Company
PLOTCREATIVE Interior Design Limited, based in Hong Kong, is an award-winning and one of the fast-growing interior design companies in Hong Kong, which is specializing in unique and valuable interior designs. PLOTCREATIVE focuses on planning and designing large-scale of commercial projects including sales center, F&B, entertainment, clubhouse, retail store and residential flat. It has successfully partnered with numerous famous brands and listed companies in both China and Hong Kong, including Centaline Property, Ajisen Group, Royal Furniture Holdings Limited, etc. PLOTCREATIVE provides consultancy service in interior architecture & branding strategy. It obtained several international awards in a short period of time including US‘s IDA International Design Awards, Korea’s K-Design Awards, etc. Some of the significant projects have been featured in numerous international design magazines & journals, such as US’s Interior Design Magazine, Perspective, Hinge, etc.