Company:Alessandro Luciani Designer
Designer(s): Alessandro Luciani Designer, Italy
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: We could call it the showroom Version 3.0, The new emotional environment created for Grottini’s 40th anniversary is not simply an exhibition space but rather a unique setting in which visitors can interact and experience a social moment in which to exchange. Most importantly, it is where they can draw on ‘contamination’ from all over the world. We draw a well defined tour that will make live to the customer all the Grottini experience and culture. It begins with the entry in the Museum Zone passing by the Communication Zone, going on to Technological one. At the end of the tour the customer reaches the center of the project: different totems extruded from the ground that show the main projects realized by the firm, with the possibility to sit and debate with others in a coffee style space defined “Social”, stimulating and immersing the customer letting him reach the goal.

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