Project: "Lyme House "
Company:Stephen B. Jacobs Group, PC/Andi Pepper Interior Design
Designer(s): Stephen B. Jacobs Group, Architect, Stephen B. Jacobs, FAIA, Project Architect, Andi Pepper Interior Design, Interior Design, Andi Pepper, Lead Interior Designer, Kristine Liota, Architectural Project Manager, Kate Balfour, Interior Project Manager, Rodney Gibble Structural Engineers, Structural Engineer Edward & Zuck D.P.C., and Sideris Kefalas Engineers, Mechanical Engineer , United States
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: The house combines active and passive strategies to come as close as possible to net zero energy use. The house has been sited to take the maximum advantage of its solar orientation. Large windows have been placed on the west and south facades to maximize the view for most rooms. They are shaded with fins (Brise-soleil) calculated to admit the sun in the winter and keep it out in the summer. These fins have become the main aesthetic feature of the house. All of the exterior walls and roofs of the house have been heavily insulated and the windows have been triple-glazed. Active strategies include the installation of a 10KW photovoltaic solar system that creates much of the electric power used in the house, and a geothermal system to provide the heating and air-conditioning.

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