Project: "Underhill"
Company:Bates Masi + Architects
Designer(s): Paul Masi Bates Masi + Architects, United States
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: Socially and professionally a couple desired to live in the city, but they wanted a different lifestyle for their children as they approached school age. Their goal was to create a sense of place in the suburbs with close neighbors. The history of the community they chose, an early Quaker settlement, inspired the solution. Based on the tenants of simplicity, humility, and inner focus, the house is broken into a series of modest gabled structures, each focused inward on a courtyard. The detailing of materials articulates this organization. Oak floor and ceiling boards radiate outwards from each center courtyard. Metal straps on the ceiling emphasize this geometry. The idea of the pavilion is also evident in the landscape where the building’s inverse form is carved out of the earth to create a courtyard at the basement. Planted retaining walls slope down to let light and air into the lower level.

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