Project: "Dynamic Molding"
Company:Cai-In Interior Design Co., Ltd.
Designer(s): Cai-In Interior Design Co., Ltd. , Taiwan
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Architecture must be friendly to the community and blend into the environment, and to avoid disrupting the carwash business downstairs, the site was raised. The structure was inspired by nature (Biomimics), and so bold presentations simulating nature are ubiquitous. Its outside resembles a weaving consisting of fabric or rattan transforming into isometric protective structures to soften the stiffness of architecture and create skylights. Inside, wood from the ceiling to the walls resembles the cross section of a stem, while its wood veneer and light reinforce the dramatic tension of the shadows.

About the Designer/Company
Cai-In Interior Design Co., Ltd., or CIID, was founded in 1996 by Jean Wu, the design director. CIID believes that the concept of beautiful space varies according to local conditionals. However, how to extract the optimal design and how to cohere the greatest beauty are the missions of designers. To implement this philosophy, the design team, led by Jean Wu, constantly invents new ideas, enhances a conscientious service attitude, and pursues the integration of aesthetics and functionality. With the accumulating vision and experience, CIID successfully transforms various spaces into various stories that full of energy and enthusiasm.