Project: "Hong Tai"
Company:Setmund Leung Design Ltd
Designer(s): Setmund Leung Kam Biu, Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The building integrated office and factory. The business is mainly produced the circuit boards. The client wants to decorate the building with the artistic and warn feeling. A modern innovation of green design is adopted as the main theme, such as elements and themes, such as adding the sculptures in a "sickle hook" shape in the false ceiling and stairs etc. After entering the atrium, there is the high-furnished set in the central area. "Board" concept is used as the theme of the floor design, which expresses strongly the product of this industrial building. A lot of wavy wood is used to support the steel arch in the central area. Both sides of the building are the negotiating room and exhibition hall respectively. The wall and door are decorated with natural wood in silhouettes of trees. It makes use of the lighting, to create the new look of the industrial building.

About the Designer/Company
Setmund Leung is international famous designer, He had gained many international awards and his own publications and collected by all public libraries. And interviewed by Hong Kong and overseas professional magazines, newspapers and TV channels ; Design always exhibited in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and South Korea etc.