Project: "Withings Thermo"
Company:Elium Studio
Designer(s): Pierre Garner, Capucine Bodin, United States
Category: Other Products designs, Professional
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Entry Description: At Withings, we specialize in bringing health tools into the 21st century. Most recently, we created the first medical wi-fi thermometer which syncs to a smartphone. The design process for the Withings Thermo began with the idea that taking a fussy childís temperature should not be an added burden for parents. We wanted to eliminate the need to worry about which thermometers are most accurate so Withings Thermo has 16 independent infrared sensors, which take 4000 measurements to find the hottest point within seconds. The measurements are stored in a Withings app, where you can add medication doses, track temperature over time, and share information with doctors. The device fits intuitively in a userís hand and compared to other thermometers, Thermo is fast and easy to use, and completely sanitary. The Withings Thermoís form and function come together to provide parents with a critical tool to support their childís health.

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