Project: "DA AN H HOUSE"
Company:HerZu Interior Design
Designer(s): HerZu Interior Design, Taiwan
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: This project can said to be designed with intensive customization and detailed orientation for the family’s “daily living” throughout the area the installation mirrors the habits and main activities of living, supplementing to the innovative tailoring of the design. The intelligent storage and ingenious integration are evident everywhere, such as the removable push carts in the study, sliding storage drawers, power switch and cords discretely positioned, removable magnetized laminated flooring for the kitchen, dedicated locations for cooking utensils and sliding spice cabinets all are arranged for ease of use and findability. Additionally, design elements have been done in consideration of the home-owner’s hobbies and interests, such as: scenic terrace and vertical garden “planting walls”, pet dining areas and pet doors. This project is combining personalization with practicality and emphasizing “usability” extending the home-owners life experiences for an innovative life-experience in residential living.

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