Project: "Chen Tai Villa"
Company:GUDC, Taiwan
Designer(s): GUDC, Taiwan, Taiwan
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: How can one live everyday to the fullest? Try living in a place designed for his styles and tastes. We opened up the white walls on the garden side with glass partition, to create a seamless openness from interior to outdoor space; on contrast, for the walls on inner sides we chose grey concrete as material, which represents the solid foundation for home. Riding the ceiling waves, the garage space visually extends through glass partition and into the living room, symbolizing the client’s passion for cars and freedom. The tone of living spaces is set to be smooth and neat. Perfect blend of grey concrete and wooden elements creates a bright scene throughout the two-storey, 600m2 villa. The light bars on stairway bring a calming atmosphere, creating a corner for mind transition. The tree house by the pool is a sweet reminder of the childhood memories and a cozy outdoor spot on sunny days

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