Project: "Han Tian Heng Art Museum"
Company:Vermilion Zhou Design Group
Designer(s): Vera Chu / Lighting Design Director Garvin Hung / Design Director TM Studio / LDI, China
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Han Tianheng, the national Master of seal engraving. His achievements and status is unmovable. We hope to show the amount of his works also deliver his spirits to people by building this museum. The museum is renovated from an old textile factory. The architect saves the original architectural features and has a lot of black elements; as for interior design concept, we hope to put Chinese aesthetics thinking, leisure, concealment, travelling and appreciation, into the museum experience to make people feel comfortable and enjoy the exhibitions. We have the huge white engraved marble wall to extend the concept of seal engraving and upright to the space and at the meantime work in concert with another black wall. To present the museum space without constricted, to keep the void of the building meanwhile to emblematize the peace of historical existent “black and white” and “Yin and Yang” with floor texture.

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